Elpis Energy Solutions

Elpis Energy Solution is an international consulting firm providing business solutions, engineering design, environmental, planning and project management services in the Renewable Energy sectors. We aim to help our clients meet their business needs by adding value through technical excellence, efficient organisation and personal service.


Our Indian head office is based in Bangalore backed by internationally acclaimed consultants.

Why Renewables?

Renewable energy has many benefits that positively impact you – the consumer and the environment we live in.

Soaring fuel costs, global warming and fast depletion of fossil fuel resources has signalled a growing demand for renewable energy sources – the sun, the wind and biomass – across the world, as they are reliable, economical and efficient in the long run. Modular energy solutions based on wind or Wind + Solar PV hybrid are the immediate need of the hour. The Government is providing support and incentives to give a big push towards the use of alternate energy solutions.

For the consumer, a renewable energy option from Elpis Energy Solutions offers many advantages such as significant savings in fuel and electricity cost in the long run

  • A chance to actively promote the use of clean, emission free power technology
  • A chance to drastically reduce Electricity Bills.
  • A chance to get regular income for next 25 years.
  • A chance to make planet greener by reducing the carbon footprint.
  • A chance to brand your house/Community/company/institutions as eco-friendly

“Selecting the best and optimum renewable energy solution for clients is our motto and the best results can be achieved by consulting Elpis Energy Solutions before initiating the project”