Company Profile:

Elpis Energy Solutions is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and Turnkey EPC firm formed by people who are passionate about renewable energy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in onshore wind, solar and Hybrid Energy sectors. Our global team of engineers and consultants have extensive international experience of renewable energy developments worldwide.

Business of Elpis Energy Solutions:

Growing awareness among people regarding the increasing damage to environment and depletion of the fossil fuels has forced the government agencies and energy companies to reconsider their strategies for long-term sustainability and energy generation. The global energy is ever increasing and many developing nations are now seriously considering green energy technologies like Solar, Biomass, Wind etc. Wind and Solar energy over the period has matured as promising technologies and is very popular among the government and private investors. Many energy companies have established themselves as economic and reliable suppliers of energy generated from Wind and Solar energy.

To cater to this demand Elpis Energy Solutions has positioned itself to become the market leader in distributed renewable energy space by managing the entire project life cycle of renewable energy projects.


Capabilities of Elpis Energy Solutions: