Solutions for Agro Based Industries


“Transitioning your organization towards truly Organic”
The electricity bill for running an Agro based industry, Dairy outbuildings or milking parlour represents a large proportion of operating costs.Renewable energy offers a significant opportunity for dairy farms & agro based industries to use green energy (Organic), reduce their carbonfootprint, and to diversify their business through new income streams while at the same time reducing energy costs.Hybrid energy systems from Elpis Energy Solutions have the potential for electricity generation on dairy farms & agro based industries. Attractive rates for PV systems and small scale wind turbines are proposed with the new FIT scheme (if applicable) which significantly reduces the payback periods along with other value addition.


“Smart Hybrid Renewable Energy Solutions” provides following value additions


1)    Hedge against rising energy price
2)    Increasing the Energy reliability
3)    Reducing the carbon footprint
4)    Brand Enhancement