Elpis Methodology – Customized Engineering Value

Initial Discussion & understanding customer requirements
Detailed resource analysis of site
Design & Analysis various system configuration.
Using in house developed optimization and system sizing software MOHRESS, Selection and dimensioning of all generation systems are finalized.
System installation and commissioning

Elpis Approach

Elpis’s in-house, start to finish capabilities for remote hybrid power solutions are unique in the industry. Covering project design, integration, testing, delivery and ongoing support, Elpis Energy Solutions ties it all together with a comprehensive project management philosophy.

Core Services

– Project Management
– Feasibility Study & Planning
– Environmental Visual & Impact Assessment
– Resource Assessment
– Geotechnical
– Transportation
– Civil
– Detailed System Design
– Structural
– Mechanical
– Electrical
– Procurement
– Construction Management

Elpis Engineering Capabilities

Our experienced engineering and technical consultants help our clients evaluate and implement emerging renewable technologies in P.V, Wind electrical power systems design, alternative hybrid technologies, mechanical and civil design concurrent to international standards.