By ignoring the wider scope of emissions the CRC disincentivises any exploration of the risks and opportunities that will inevitably shape your business as carbon becomes priced, energy security tightens, and new, business models are required.

Carbon Positive Aims

We take a more complete approach to analysing your organisation’s emissions and carbon risks. This can lead to new and exciting insights into business.

We help corporate to implement following strategies

Renewable energy analysis:financial analysis & investment plans exploring new business models

Sphere of influence analysis: understand which external stakeholders could bring the greatest low carbon benefits

Creative communications: communicate your response to climate change and CRC to external parties using innovative visualisation and animation

Our carbon risk analysis will look at the following areas:

dynamic analysis of financial exposure to fossil fuel price rises and potential carbon taxes

dynamic alternative energy investment analysis

the financial and supply chain risks associated with a wider scope of influence; and -an optional analysis of the costs and risks associated with offsetting.