Electricity is one emission inventory which contributes much to the Carbon footprint of the institution. Lighting of the buildings with electricity generates a certain amount of CO2 due to the consumption of electric power. On an average, electricity sources emit 1.297lbs CO2 per kWh i.e. 0.0005883 metric tons of CO2 per kWh. The emission factor given by eGRID 2010 version 1.1 for hydro electricity is 6.8956 x10-4 metric tons CO2/kwh. 50 grams of CO2 is emitted from 1 unit of solar power. The details of the consumption of electricity and the use of generators in different zones are surveyed. If the number of classrooms and labs are more in a zone, consumption of electricity in that zone is more.


We help Educational Institutes by Providing following services


– Use electricity effectively.
– Use the ‘OFF’ switch, rather than the ‘STAND BY’ mode.
– Switch off fans & lights when not in use.
– Use LEDs instead of conventional light sources.
– Check for Green Tags before purchasing goods.
– Air Conditioning should be minimally used.
– Keep equipments in power save mode.
– Use solar power.
– Use of wind energy


The Unique Value Preposition an Education Institutes can get by using services of Elpis Energy Solutions are

– Drastic Reduction in Electricity Bills
– Revenue Generation
– Carbon Footprint Reduction
– Create Awareness among Public
– Educate the Student
– Can Take up full fledge R & D activity
– Provide Consultancy Services