Energy-efficient hotel RE system for the future

 As the eco-conscious resort/hotel, you can have quite a reputation to uphold. You can offer every modern convenience, but also take our social responsibilities seriously. The RE systems from Elpis Energy Solutions enables you to operate in a sustainable way without compromizing on the ambience & bottom line.”

Reducing the carbon footprint

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest carbon footprint reduction potential. Laundry, air conditioning, 24/7 operations – all add to a high CO2 footprint. Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to cut costs; 42% of energy usage comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient. We have developed a full range of lighting solutions that will help you save costs and improve your bottom line without compromizing on the quality of light.


Renewable energy systems makes good sense anywhere, but especially at remote, grid less island locations. Installing a renewable energy system not only lessens the carbon and environmental footprint of energy production drastically, it affords Hotels & resorts a cost-effective, on-site source of electricity at a stable cost, which makes budgeting and operations more efficient as well as much greener.

For Existing & New Resorts/Hotels/Homestay Owners, the Process followed by Elpis Energy Solutions

For existing buildings & New Owners, we can coordinate a quick RE System installation – no renovation whatsoever required! If you would like a more significant refurbishment, we can upgrade the luminaires as well, or renovate the whole lighting system.

1)Quick Scan to get an idea of the difference new renewable energy system could make for your resort, and use the calculator to make an initial estimate of the savings you can realize.

2)Sit back and let our project services team take care of fast, expert installation.

3)Enjoy long-lasting, maintenance-free cost-effective lighting performance by making use of our Lifecycle Services Maintenance contract.