“Gated Communities & Low Carbon Buildings”

“Transforming the Gated Communities into clean, green & sustainable living space”

The phenomenon of Gated Communities and low carbon intensive buildings as urban residential developments is spreading all over the world and will have a major impact on the form and function of the future cities, it is expected to become the new garden city model of the 21st Century. This phenomenon can have a dramatic impact on long term urban sustainability. We at Elpis Energy Solutions help clients by adding value to their gated communities, villa projects by providing appropriate & complete hybrid renewable energy solution, thus assuring them of greener, cleaner & sustainable urban living space.

Low Carbon Buildings

With increasing awareness & the design of new buildings being under increasing pressure to meet tightening legislation’s of reducing the carbon footprint, we offer our expertise, engineering value and technical ability to help clients meet their targets by providing appropriate hybrid renewable energy solution. It’s in our interest to know and understand the developing building frameworks and we can apply this knowledge to advise on Hybrid renewable energy system design.We don’t just provide support through the design and build phase of a project, we also provide post project handover services to ensure that implemented technologies are performing to their potential. From here we can then offer further advice on opportunities to continue a buildings improving performance to help reduce carbon emissions and fundamentally save our client’s money.