Many people still wonder about the effectiveness of solar panels in India, but their fears are totally unfounded. India has some of the highest irradiance in the world, and so is a great environment for solar. As you can see from this map, India gets a huge amount of light each year, and its light, not warmth, that makes solar PV panels work. This means that even on cold crisp winter days, your solar panels will be silently generating clean green energy.
A great investment

With the introduction of the Feed in Tariff ( Rooftop), solar panels have become a great investment. Under the FiT you are paid for all the power you generate (whether you use it or not!) and receive an additional payment for energy you don’t use and export to the grid. When added to the bill savings, the annual benefit of a 1 kWp system would be around £1125 (Rs 1, 10,000).

Why not install a Solar U.P.S & Protect yourself from rising bills

“A Step towards Greener Planet”

With electricity bills continuing to rise making the switch to solar power is a great way of protecting yourself for the future. Traditional power relies on unsustainable and unstable sources which can only lead to increasing prices and unreliable supply for consumers. With solar panels on your roof you are taking a portion of your energy supply into your own hands. You will still need to buy some power from the local electricity grid (at night for or for heavy loads  example) but over a year you will see a real drop in your bills. Not only does this save you money but it helps protect the planet as well.