“Providing operators with maximum CAPEX & OPEX savings”.

We Provide Highly Engineered, Optimized & Customized Hybrid Energy Solution for Operators.


Elpis hybrid solution for telecoms base stations. Elpis has solution for telecom tower to provide a robust and cost effective solution for powering remote off grid or weak grid mobile / cell base stations. The common denominator in all of our systems is the design quality of all the components and its deliverable – robust, site specific hybrid power systems that provide their owners with the maximum capex and opex saving possible.

System specification using industry leading tools

By integrating multiple energy sources such as wind, solar & battery into a hybrid power system, diesel engine run time can be reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated, releasing the operator from the expense and risk of continual refueling and all of the associated theft and logistics costs associated with it. By using MOHRESS, Elpis Energy Solutions has in house renewable energy system sizing & optimization software, we can ensure that a system is optimized with the correct blend of wind/solar/diesel and batteries for each location. By designing a system in this way, we make the most use of the renewable energy resources available at site and minimize cost.

Advantages of Renewable Energy Systems
O&M costs are drastically reduced
• Up to 95% O&M costs reduction.


Reliability of the Energy Supply
• Diversity of the Generation sources increases reliability.
• Elpis smart controller ( PLC ) allows the setting of an intelligent and autonomous global management. This gives optimization of the battery charging cycles and autonomous generators operation.
• Remote system monitoring can be implemented.
High investment profitability
• The investment on Hybrid Renewable system reconversion returns paybacks below 3 years when compared with international avg. diesel price.
Carbon footprint reduction
• Carbon emissions are reduced to minimum values.